March 2, 2012

.gettin' organized.

Do you love organization tools? 
I LOVE them. I own more planners and other organizational tools that I could probably use!

I know that many of you may already have gotten all organized for the new year, probably way before 2012 even started! However, I am just now getting it all together. I have found some cute printable planning pages that I am really excited about and HAVE to share with you! Who knows you may even love them yourself and print out a ton or few copies!

2012 Calendar:
I love how cute and simple this calendar is. I plan to place it on a clipboard and hang it our kitchen..and I'm soooo excited to use it! Eeep!

Weekly Menu:
I am soooo excited to use this to help plan out our meals and eat healthy. Plus it's a huge help when going grocery shopping!

Weekly Bloggin':
One thing I really excited about is amping up the blog and blogging more regularly. I have printed out my weekly schedule for the month and look forward to planning out my ideas and thoughts!! 


Here is to getting it together! 
( now let's just hope I use them..sigh..)

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