April 23, 2012

.10k Results.

Dave and I have officially run our first 10k! WHHOOOOOOOOOTTTTT!! I'm not going to lie this sucka was H-A-R-D and I hated the last 3 miles of it with almost my whole being. But I didn't stop!!!

Our Time:
1 hr 05 min 04 sec
(15 min. earlier than my goal time!!!)

As you can tell from my ranting above this was NOT my favorite race (except for our great race time results)  and I probably won't run the Y Run again.  I felt that the race lacked in some areas that affected the mental part of my race. These things were: running the same track twice, not having water available at the miles it was stated to be, and not having volunteers cheer you on. So how did I survive? I will let you in on my tip/game: I pick a person in front of me and I make it my goal to pass them. It may take me a few miles before I get close enough to pass, but I don't stop trying until the end of the race! Using this game I was able to pass at least 4 people....that's a BIG deal for me!

I'm SOOO proud of us for not giving up and having a great race time!
Now it's time to keep running and prepare for our half marathon!!

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