April 30, 2012

.5k recap.

Another weekend and another race for the YMCA! This weekend it was a 5k in Mankato, MN for the Girls on the Run Program. Girls on the Run is through the YMCA and is for preteen girls to learn healthy lifestyle choices, self-condfidence, and self respect through running. 

Before the race!
The weather on Saturday is kind of crappy. It was cold and rainy, but that didn't keep our spirits down. Plus as soon as it came near running time, the rain stopped, just like it was destiny. 

This was my first time running a road race without Dave by my side. 
Honestly, I now know that I LOVE having a running partner!
Due to running alone and having a million people pass me, I felt like I was the slowest person on earth. 
I just kept my head down and kept putting one foot in front of another. 
My time:
26min 44sec (8.37/mi)
a personal record (PR) for me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

All of the family members that participated in the 5k!
The best thing about running the race in Mankato is that some of my family members came out and walked the 5k! I was sooooooo excited and happy that they came out to support a great cause and that they pushed themselves to do the walk! 

I honestly hope that we can do this again next year and
 maybe get more strong Hammond girls out there on that route!!!

I even got to run the Kids K with my little niece before the 5k!
Let me tell you..that little girl can RUN!
At one point, she turned around and said...
"Hurry Up, Slowpoke!" 
oh...she slays me! Here is us crossing the finish line together:
Maybe we have a future runner in the family!

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