April 21, 2012

.running saturday.

Today I run my first 10k race!!

The first time I ran 6. 2 miles was in Australia a few months back. Part of that milage is pictured above, oh its so beautiful!  I would run all the way down to the end of the breakwater and then head back home via Newcastle Beach. I don't think I will ever forget what my runs in Newcastle looked like. Today when I run I am DEFINITELY going to be picturing the ocean to one side of me and the harbor on the other. 

The best parts of the run today are: it's around a lake that I only live 1 mile away from. I am familiar with the area and I know that it will be a pretty run. The second part is that the registration money goes towards the YMCA, which I highly support. When I run registered races I always make sure that the registration fee is going towards a cause that I believe in and support. I don't have a lot of money and races can be around $25-$50, so this is one of the little ways that I can give back. 

Check back on Monday to see how I the race went!

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