June 4, 2012

.Around the Apartment: Suitcases.

Around the Apartment is a series in which I share with you different things of the Shoave apartment! You can my collection of camera's here!

I LOOOOVVEEEE old floral suitcases! I remember the first time I saw one at an estate sale when I was in high school. I pleaded with my mom for 25 cents so I could purchase it, she couldn't phantom why I would want the old thing. But for me it was love at first sight and my love for all floral suitcases began. Now when ever I see a floral suitcase or a great vintage suitcase I scoop it up!

My first floral suitcase!!

Currently we have the suitcases chillin' in different areas of our living room. They all hold a special purpose other than looking cool and pretty. As you can see from the pictures above we use a stack of three suitcases to hold our blankets near the couch. It's perfect because the blankets are out of sight but still really easily accessible to grab when needed. 

I use this cutie to hold all of our chargers near our desk. It keeps them all in one area, close to our power strip and looks wonderful doing so! My sister got me this one for our house warming gift!

Ahhh...look this one matches the cute little one above! I purchased this floral suitcase right before we left for Australia. It was in my friends parent's antique store in Fairmont, MN and I gushed about it. That 's how my sister knew to purchase me the little one when when I was gone! The floral suitcase holds our surge protector, cable wires, and what not from the tv. It is definitely prettier to have it in here than out for the whole world to see.  The red bag is an older travel bag from Australia that we got in Newcastle at the best thrift store ever! We now use it to hold the dvds that I borrow from friends..which is a lot! hee heee. Plus it's a great reminder of our travels! 

I just got my grandma's old luggage collection last month. Three separate pieces of a mustardy color, I'm sure you all have seen them a time or to in your own thrifting adventures! I still haven't decided on what I will use them for that will be practical and still be able to show them off. So if you have any ideas let me know!

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