October 5, 2012

.apple picking.

Last week Dave and I had a wonderful day off together (wwwhoooooootttt!!!!). We slept in a little, went apple picking, hung out, and then joined friends for an amazing concert...hellooo great day!!!

I have only been apple picking once or twice as a kid at our neighbors few apple trees. We would have to climb up on ladders and use apple picking tools to get the apples from the top of the trees. This was what I was expecting when we went to Emma Krumbees and I was WAAAYYYY off, but it was still fun!!!

We went picking at Emma Krumbees in Belle Plaine, MN which is about 40 min. south of Minneapolis.  I have wanted to go apple picking here for Y.E.A.R.S., every time I have ridden or driven past it since the orchard opened up I was hoping to go one fall. Emma Krumbees not only has an orchard, it has an amazing restaurant...which is kind of famous in southern MN. They cook home cooked meals like pot roast, meat loaf, live and onions that taste delicious and affordable (they also cook other items too). We got to Emma Krumbees in time for breakfast, so we ate up and got strength for our apple picking.

Apple picking was way easier then I expected. We filled our 10lb bag in about 10 min... and then used the rest of the hour or so taking silly pictures! We were lucky because we found a few trees that had lots and lots of apples for the taking and we didn't have to search and search.  It was fun trying to find the best apple on the tree and race Dave on who was the best apple picker. 

So how do we do plan on using the 11 lbs of apples we picked? Welll...this is what we have made with it: 

It has been lots of fun looking up apple recipes and creating them in the kitchen! I'm not much of a cook so making delicious, easy recipes was right up my alley! I hope everyone gets to go apple picking or make some delicious apple recipes this fall! There is no better way celebrate the crispiness of fall!

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