October 24, 2012

WIW: in 2008

Did you have a phase in your life where you were almost obsessed with taking pictures of yourself? You did it so much you had your myspace pose down perfect and knew exactly how to capture the "pretty" side of your face?

I was looking at my large gallery of photos and it seems like I was a bit overboard with taking pictures of myself, especially during the time of 2006-2008. Fortunately, I only have one album for all my different looks in 2008. I thought it would be fun to share with you what I wore, what my hair looked like 4 years ago. During this time of my life I was just married, moved to Northern Virginia (did you know there is Virginia and then Northern Virginia?), and just started grad school and a grad assistantship!

Sooo this is me in 2008:

.i wore scarves a lot. 

.i was into wearing two necklaces at once. 

.i got dressed up for date nights. 

.i really liked teal with red. 

.sometimes i dressed up for work. 

.i work a skirt as a strapless dress. 

.and i LOOOVVEEED this shirt.

And I liked to make silly faces when taking pictures?

I think I am a master at the duck lip picture thing..haa haaaa.

Do you remember what you wore 4 years ago?


  1. How cute is this!!
    I kinda love the two necklaces at once. lol.

    Hmm, making me want to dig up the older pictures now!

    I read about your recent marathon - CONGRATS. That is HUGE. What an amazing accomplishment. As someone going for their first marathon next year, I'm just in awe.

    Btw, I'll be following you now! :)

  2. Awww!! Thanks! I loved looking at photos from a few years ago..it makes me want to even go back further!