December 30, 2012

.skol vikings.

Over here in the Roberts household we are big football fans. Every Sunday (that I have off) you will find me donned with my Vikings gear watching the football game, cheering on my team.

Today is a special Sunday because Dave and I BOTH have it off...this has only happened one other time this season! ANNNNNDDDD to add to the sweetness the Vikings are playing the Greenbay Packers.  We are arch rivals. If you are a true Minnesotan you do not like the Packers...AT ALLL!!!!

Dave put Maggie in one of his t-shirts so we all could cheer on the Vikings

Today is a BIG game for the Vikings. If we lose we are done of the season, if we win we get to move on to the playoffs.  So cross your fingers for the Vikings we may need some extra help today!


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  1. Hope you have a great day! I'm a huuuge sports fan, nba is mainly my thing..but every sunday, no fail, i sit and watch all the football games!