January 12, 2013

.it's cold outside...

It's cold outside. Period, the end. It has been warm lately in the 30's, so dropping about 20 degrees over night just isn't right, mother nature, it's just not right.  So to help myself warm up a bit, I started thinking about what I was doing one year ago.

On January 12, 2012 my dad, Dave, and I were packing up all our items to leave the lovely town of Newcastle. My dad was going back to the states and Dave and I were going traveling for 3 weeks. We packed our bags and walked around all the spots we loved in Newcastle. The sun was shining and everything was warm and beautiful.

.our street corner. 

.we had one last fish and chips from Scotties and ate it at the beach. 

Oh, what I wouldn't give to be in the sunshine and beach of Australia again!!


  1. I won't tease you too much, but since new years we've been getting some gorgeous beach weather! There have been massive heat waves - though they've been starting fires :/ At least you're always safe at the beach!

    But soon enough I'll be back enduring the midwest cold with you! Haha

  2. I heard that they have created a new color for the weather maps to show just how hot it is! It's crazy...but I would rather be toasty than freezing my limbs off!

  3. I love looking back to see what I was doing this time last year, especially if I was on a little trip where it was much warmer haha. It has been pretty darn cold lately out here too!