January 21, 2013

.the first time around.

During the first inauguration of President Obama, Dave and I had just moved to Virginia 6 months prior. We considered going to the inauguration and see history being made, we highly considered it. Then I remembered that I HATE crowds.....A LOT! Crowds make me feel anxious and not like humanity much, so we figured for my sanity we probably shouldn't go. Instead we went on a spontaneous trip before I started school and work again. We threw some clothes and food into the car and drove towards "the hills".  We had no idea where we would end up....and that was the best part of it all!!

We ended up going to the Blue Ridge Mountains and spending time doing a little hiking and taking in the views. We found ourselves a hotel room and then continued our journey through the Shenandoah the next day. It was a great, unplanned trip that I reflect back on now while watching our president being inaugurated for the second time. 

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