July 18, 2013


Whoa! Seriously, two months have gone by without a peep from me! I didn't even open up my blogger account once. I thought about blogging a few times and then decided that I really didn't want to force anything. I don't know.....I think I was in a mood, you all know how it goes! I think everyone has been there and done that and is now moving on, as I am now.

So let me re-introduce myself to y'all. My name is Sho (.PHOTOSHO. because I love photos) I love diet cherry pepsi, reality t.v. (seriously, can we talk about almost all the shows on BRAVO..DRAAAMMMMAAA!!), hanging out with my english bulldog (Margaret Thatcher Roberts..Maggie for short, expect if I'm mad at her), fashion, music, and exploring the world.

Now that we got that done and dealt with...let's get down to business. Why not start with sharing some pictures from the last months that I have been MIA...

The last few months we have been about exploring, being with friends and family, and celebrating life (and doing that dreaded thing called work). 

OHHH...and I have an instagram account now:

we could be friends and learn about life via photos!

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