August 13, 2013

this guy....right here...

.the one on the left (not the crazy husband).

I'm SOOOOOOOOOO freakin' excited to see this guy today! 
Josiah has been one of my best friends for a long time,
actually all the way back to 8th grade honor pass, to be exact! 

Josiah has been part of the BIG things in my life, he was even our roommate when SHOAVE moved to Virginia. 

When Shoaved moved from Virginia to Australia in summer of 2011,
we had to say "see ya later" to Josiah. It has been since then that we have seen Josiah. 
THIS is FAR TO LONG...I can't wait for our reunion today!!
(even if it's only for a few hours)

We could maybe even have a spoof of the Cruel Intentions...

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