August 9, 2013

.Traveling Bulldog.

One cute bulldog with places to go...

.Corn Palace - Mitchell, South Dakota. 

.guarding us from snakes. 

.Badlands- South Dakota.

.Roadside - Wyoming.

.Big Horn National Forest - Wyoming.

.Countryside - Wyoming.

.Maggie LOVES road trips.

This was our first road trip as a family, 5 days driving to Yellowstone National Park and back. It was a great time and we were SOOOO beyond happy that we brought Maggie with us. She loved being on the road (snoring in the backseat), smelling on the new scents and places, and running around in the country OFF her leash!!! 

*since she can't walk to far or to fast, we left her in the care of our motel family when we were in unfortunately, no pictures of her in with the buffalo. 

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