March 11, 2014

.WIW: MN pride + guest model.

Can you feel it?!  The sun starting to shine a little bit brighter, the air becoming a bit warmer, the charge of spring slowly poking it's head out? I most definitely can feel it and am welcoming it with open arms! Whenever the sun is shining here in Portland, I feel like I HAVE to wear a dress or skirt, there is no other option! The sun is shining and I must obey by wearing spring clothes.

.meet Maggie - our guest model who also decided that 
she loves spring and wanted to share in the celebration of it.

Not only when the sun is shining do I feel the need to wear skirts or dresses, I feel the need to wear bright colors. Your outfits are starting to show color and bloom just like the flowers around you. Matching bright colors is easy, just make sure you pair them with a color that isn't overwhelming and can stabilize your outfit. For me that is my grey skirt with black tights. 

.this is one of my adult bff necklaces, this one says
 "Best Fucking Friends" when the heart is together. 

.sometimes Maggie likes to walk to places she shouldn't be, like parking lots,
and just stand there staring at cars. This is when I get to carry her 70lb. butt back to safety.

I LOVE these boots, I wear them all the time with jeans, dresses, skirts, anything. They help give my outfits the edge that I desire. I am a huge fan of wearing semi-girly clothes with harder accessories. I'm a sucker for almost anything that has studs, spikes, or skulls. The key is to wear them in moderation, don't over do it and try to wear all of them at the same time!

.the details.

shirt: Old Navy
cardigan: Old Navy
skirt: Asos
tights: Lane Bryant
necklace: Etsy
shoes: Target

.look at her and all her bulldog glory...she melts my heart. 

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  1. Love the colorful tops and the transition to dark and alternative on the bottom! I think it's a good reflection of the weather at the moment with all the colors TRYING to peak out of winter's miserable darkness! Ha! I know I'm look waaayyy too deep into this!

    In a nutshell, cool stuff ;)
    Memoirs of a Pilgrim