April 29, 2014

.I found washi tape....

I know, I know...people have been gushing about washi tape for the last year or so. The washi tape bus left like three hours ago and I'm just getting to the bus stop, that's how late I am. I think it was because once I tried to find it at a craft store and couldn't find it, so I didn't try again. So, don't blame me..blame Jo-Anne Fabrics!

Anywho, I found it and I'm obsessed!! I recently conducted a survey for my upcoming business and used washi tape as part of my thank you package.  I created both bookmarks and thank you cards using the tape and was really happy with how it turned out.

When looking for something to send in my thank you package, I found this diy post.  I read it and loved it and copied it. Jessica even provided the pdf quote used for the bookmarks..to good to be true. 

The cards were super simple! I bought kraft cards from Michael's, cut them in half to make post cards, put some washi tape on them, with a hand written note. I love when simple things, turn out so cute!

If you are curious, Maggie Mae's Kids Bookshop, is the small business I am working on. I hope to open up shop this summer in Portland, giving kids lots of opportunities for story times while their parents can load up on great kid books!

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  1. Can't wait for more details on when you'll be open. We are local and love books! We'd be happy to come support :) hopefully you'll open before we move.