January 8, 2010

Up High In the Sky

I love clouds, well..actually it's more like an obsession with clouds. Sometimes my friends get annoyed with me cause when walking I'll stop and start taking pictures of the clouds in the sky...making them stop and wait for me. It's so easy to get lost in the clouds, to look at them and start daydreaming and thinking about all the what ifs..and what will the future hold. Clouds are one of God's little gifts to us here on Earth, they come in many shapes and colors. It's rare to see the same cloud each time, cause there is always something special in each cloud. Since my mother's passing three years ago, my passion and obsession of clouds has grown. It's like she is in the clouds smiling down on me, watching me as a grow into who I am. The best type of cloud, the one that trumps all the others, are the ones that have a ray of light peeking through them. These are the clouds where our loved ones are sending down their love.

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