January 9, 2010

One Fall Day

This little 'photo shoot', if you could even call it that, was one of my firsts. It was when I first started exploring photography and realized how much I loved it. I went to a state park  to get away from dave..he was annoying me..then he fell asleep..THAT in itself is annoying. How does one whom you are annoyed with just go and fall asleep...grrrrr..men sometimes can be very annoying without even realizing it. BUTT..it turned out to be a blessing, cause I went and discovered a new found passion that brought me joy and peace. My favorite thing to shoot is nature, I find it so beautiful. Trees, leaves, hidden paths, there is so much to explore out there with different angles, colors, shapes, everything is different while being the same. Looking back, I didn't take a lot of great pictures that day,only a few I find to be sellable or at least viewable by the public. But it was the start and everyone has to have a start, everyone needs to find out what they love so they can go forward with passion and endurance.

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