January 10, 2010

Wish I Was Here....

With the Artic Breeze effecting most of the U.S....don't we all wish we were someplace warmer? My living her in Virginia, has made me more of a winter wimp then I would like to admit. We have only lived here a year and a half , but when its 30 degrees..I am freeezzing! In MN they get -22 degrees during the winter, I used to be able to handle that..now I can only handle like 35-40 as a cold day! A wimp I may be, but really who wants to deal with -22 degree weather?!?! When it's cold out, I sometimes stop and wish I was back in Bermuda, lying on my own little private part of the beach that was found from exploring. That is where I took these pictures, on a part of Horseshoe Bay in Bermuda. The water is cold and sand is hot and I got a little bit more red then I really wished to. I actually turned into a 'Sho-mato' if you asked Dave! But to have your own private pair beach, nothing beats that on a cold winter day. So next time you feel yourself shivering from the wind and cold temperatures, have no fear, cause I will share my own private Bermuda beach with you. So just relax, feel the sun on your not already sunburnt body and see the beautiful blue sea and waves hitting the rocks, take a deep breathe..and forget that you have another 4 months of this horrible cold weather.

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