January 11, 2010

Roses are red...

Roses, some say they fix everything and some say they are a girls best friend (along with diamonds of course). I love getting flowers, but I really stink at keeping them alive. Usually my flowers last between 4-7 days and I think that pretty good. BUUTT I am one of this ladys that leaves the water in the vases until it gets a little stinky...and don't act like you have never done that!! I know that everyone has..so lets not kid ourselves. One thing I encourage everyone to do..men and women a like..is just to buy a beautiful picture of flowers and give it to that special someone..cause then the roses wont die and turn smelly. You could always say that you want the flowers to last as long as your love, forever...ahhh..see isn't that sweet!! (plus you can get a few pictures of flowers from my etsy store..heee heee..photosho.etsy.com). I myself have not recieved any fresh flowers since these roses a year ago, yes I have bought myself some fresh flowers..but have't seen a rose for a while (that's why I always look at the picture!). But I now have some very cool purple and orange fake gerber daisys that I just love..and they wont die and get stinky on me! I think everyone wins then!

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