January 12, 2010

Whose World Is It..It's Mine It's Mine It's Mine

Nas said it best in this song, with the lyrics, Whose World Is It? The World Is Yours..It's Mine It's Mine It's Mine. This is what we all need to sing in our heads, cause we all need to believe that this is our world. You can do anything..if we put our minds to it, because it's your world, it's your life! So, why do we always worry that we aren't good enough, what others think of us, and become afraid of being ourselves. If this is our world, then lets become comfortable with who we are and live in this world like we truly believe its ours. I for one do think that this is my world, I can do almost anything I want...but sometimes I need the help from friends, family, and even strangers to do it. But that's okay, cause nobody can do it themselves. This photo was taken Feburary 2009 overlooking Kathmandu, Nepal. This is my world and I can't wait to travel it to learn, discover, meet new people, and have more adventures.

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