March 25, 2011

A lovely Friday

This week has been joke or exaggeration, I have worked 10 hour days all week long. But today, today was a great day. I had the day off because my friend and her classmate (now my new friend) was in town for only the day. She arrived yesterday, but I had to work until 11 (SERIOUSLY!) and Dave hung out with her for me! So today we headed into DC to see the monuments and museums. We ate great food, had great conversation, and talked about our field of work (which we all geek out about!).  Here are a few photos from a great day with great people.

p.s. I did the first day of was crazy, crazy, hard...but I survived, that in itself is an accomplishment.

Silly Minnesotans..they aren't used to anything being in bloom right now

I love Abe
Nurses War Memorial: SOOOO moving
It makes me think of all the great work my grandma did as a Nurse in the Army

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