March 27, 2011

This is how a weekend should be

Oh My! This weekend has been great! I have loved every day this weekend, I feel sooooo relaxed as well as accomplished.  I must admit I am one that usually doesn't do to much on weekends other than housework and all the things that I abandon during the week. But this week was great, maybe I should take Friday off every week! I think Americans would be more relaxed and more pleasant if we only worked 4 days a week, I'll call Obama to see if we can get a test pilot of this pronto!

I had a very blissful Saturday. I slept in, watched Seinfeld (SHOAVE is now the owners of the complete series), worked out, walked to trader joes for groceries, saw a loving couple give each other a tight squeeze, started my 6th(?) book of the year, talked with my pops ( who always asks me how my car is..I like that.. he never used to really act like a dad..and wondering about a car is a very father thing to do),  did arts and crafts with my hubs, and played DDR for the first time!
Snuggled in my chair reading one of my favorite authors listening to Dave Barnes
We painted monsters for each other. Can you guess who did what?

1st Time playing DDR!
Dave stomping it out!

Sunday has been a very, very relaxing day. I slept in even later than Saturday..I LOVE LOVE sleep! I got up watched Seinfeld, Dave made french toast for brunch, and then we settled in to watch Pirate Radio.

This movie was soooo goood! I highly recommend it, get into your netflix account right now and place it in your queue. After watching the movie, Dave and I headed to Best Buy to purchase  him some computer software. When we went into best buy...all bets were off, I never can walk into a music place and not pick out a new cd. So after picking up some other items that I swear I needed, we headed  over to browse the cds. I went straight to soundtracks and picked up the Pirate Radio soundtrack. It's 2 discs and its amazing, how I miss great rock music. Since I am an equal opportunist when it comes to shopping, I let Dave pick up a new cd too. He got the new Dropkick Murphy's cd, to complete his collection.  After my work out tonight, I have just been sitting here listening to my new purchase, thinking about how it would have been to be around when this music was just getting played. Would my parents have allowed me to listen to it? Would I have my radio hidden under my pillow?  Who would have been my favorite artist? Would I have been affected by the music as much as I am affected by it today? 

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