May 22, 2011

It's F'ing Weezer

Yesterday Dave and I went to DC 101 Chili Cookoff (all proceeds go to Kidney Foundation..yay!) at RFK Stadium. They had a chili cookoff where Dave got to try lots and lots of amazing chili..soo I hear! We started the day listening to Middle Class Rut (please go check them out...they will be HUGE!) and then headed off to taste the free chili samples and get away from the band Paper Tongues (eewww). After Paper Tongues we danced to Neon Trees, took shade with Panic! At the Disco, and then tried to rock out to Papa Roach and Seether (surprisingly not as bad as one would expect). 

THEN  it was time for what we waited all day for...WEEZER! Oh my! I have waited years to see these guys...and the wait paid off! It was A-mazing...they sounded better than their studio recordings (is that even possible!?!?!)! Even the moshing circle ( I slapped one of them in the forehead), crowd surfers, and stupid idots couldn't ruin the experience. After one of them kicked me in the head and I slapped or pinched them for being rude, I went right back to singing along and dancing. It has been a few years since I have been in the crowd this far.....but I had was F'ing WEEZER. It was SOOOO worth it...I would do it over and over again. 

It totally beat the weekend we had planned in Williamsburg. But Williamsburg will always be there...but Weezer you have to get them when you can! Hopefully this won't be my only Weezer concert..but if it is I would be okay with it...because it was truly amazing!  

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