June 6, 2011

Birthday Recap!

EEEKKKKKKKK...I'm not the best updater in the world!  I also am not good at calling people, getting laundry done, cleaning up, and pretty much doing anything that I truly need to get done.  {I actually have work work I need to do before an a.m. meeting...and STILL have not done it..its almost 11p.m....aarrrgghh} It seems that lately I just like to sit, read, hang with Dave and forget that the rest of the world exists outside our little apartment. We move in one month, have traveling trips coming up, work, and hey we leave the country for 6 months in only 1 1/2 months....we probably should get things done..but nope...i just sit and pretend nothing is going on. I know this will kick me in the butt shortly, probably tomorrow, but I still can't get myself to care to much!

ANNYYYYY ways, I had a birthday!  I have officially entered my late twenties..oh my..I'm almost 30 (in 3 years!).  Dave doesn't let me forget it, he thinks he finally has some ammo on me since I make fun of him for being 30 and old! Here are some pictures of the day we spent together celebrating my entering adulthood and getting to spend another year on this wonderful, crazy place we call Earth.  I slept in, Dave made me pancakes, I watched the latest 16 and pregnant (it's filmed where I lived for 6 years), watched glee, went thrifting in Leesburg, took a random trip to West Virginia, took a nap, ate delicious Mexican food, and ate ice cream cake. It was all in all a pretty pretty good day!

Birthday Outfit

Thrifting in Leesburg

ALL the thrifty goodness purchases! I have a weakness for 80s romance novel colors and old books

MN goodness in West Virginia

Birthday Cake Ice Cream - my WV bday treat

Who doesn't love birthday naps?

Favorite Mexican Restaurant in NOVA: Tolteca

My Birthday Bomb. Throughout the day I got to reach in and pick out a present.

Birthday Bomb Gifts: 2 bath sets, Chelsea Handler, Benjamin Button, Trilogy Set of Girl with Dragon Tattoo, Kings Speech, Schindler's List.


  1. Happy late birthday! SOunds like it was amazing!!!

    I love your birthday outfit, so cute :) The food looks like it was amazing too!

  2. Thank you! I am a sucker for mixing patterns..and good Mexican food!