June 7, 2011

30 before 30 list

30 is just around the corner...well 3 years around the corner! But you know as well as I do that time flies and it doesn't stop for no one. I am a huge list maker, I need that reminder of what I want to accomplish, and then crossing something off my list makes me smile SOOOOO big. So in any list lovers fashion, I have made a list of 30 things I want to do before I turn 30 on May 25, 2014 (hopefully the world doesn't end in 2012!).  The list is in no particular order...just when they popped into my head.

  1. Run a Marathon
  2. Take a Surfing Lesson(s)
  3. Get to my healthy weight....and stay there
  4. Do an Urban Experience Race
  5. Hike in Yellowstone National Park
  6. Own a bulldog and name them Winston
  7. Explore Northern Minnesota
  8. Jump out of a plane
  9. Join a Book Club
  10. Take my nieces to a concert
  11. Volunteer at least once a month for a minimum of 12 months
  12. Publish at least one professional article
  13. Plan two surprise weekend getaways
  14. Pay off all school loans
  15. Kiss Dave in 10 different states
  16. Take  photography class
  17. Go on a vacation with just the girls!
  18. Email friends weekly for a whole year
  19. Get caught up on all my scrapbooking
  20. Read all the books I own
  21. Make a bakery item from scratch
  22. Go vegetarian for one month
  23. Get two stores to sell my photos/cards
  24. Get a grown up couch!
  25. No unnecessary shopping for six months straight
  26. Send snail mail once a week for a whole year (bills don't count)
  27. Have a slumber party with all my nieces and nephews
  28. Go to the spa
  29. Learn how to change a tire
  30. Eat a Juicy Lucy!
What are some things you want to do within the next three years?


  1. So, there are some things on here I would love to do with you, jump out of a plane and explore Northern MN. Some things are really easy, such as the vegetarian for a month. I did it last month and it was really easy. Since your going to be traveling for the next 8 months I would do it when you get back from down under. I do admire your list, and hope that you do it all. Love you.

  2. D- we def. need to jump out of a plane together...that one Dave said I was on my own. Plus we could go camping up North and do tons of exploring..as a southern (MN wise) I don't know much about the north! I will keep you updated on how the list goes! You could make one too and we could help each other!