July 30, 2011

OOTW: Plus Size Fashion Blogs I'm Lovin

No pictures this week! Sad, I know, but with all the crazy traveling out of one itty bitty suitcase I don't feel my outfits are picture worthy. Plus many of them are repeats that you have seen. So the next time I will post outfit pictures I will be in Australia (holy moly)!

I wanted to share with you a few blogs that have inspired me and shown me that plus girls can rock it too. Check out these blogs and show the wonderful girls some lovin'!

 Bonjour Gazel
Fuck Yeah Chubby Fashion
The Curve and The Line
Allison's Adventure in FATshionland

Do you have any great fashion blogs to share? 
I would love to find more plus size fashion ones.
They truly do make me feel 1000% more comfortable 
with this body of mine!

Hope you get to feel like a princess soon!

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