July 25, 2011

Reunited and it feels so good

So Dave and I have been in MN for about 4 days thus far and it feels great to be back. Nothing really beats on seeing your family, friends, and getting into the flow of never have been gone. It has been a year or so since I have been home, and then it was only for a few days for my cousin's wedding. But now we are here in MN for two whole weeks visiting everyone and saying our "See Ya Laters" before heading down under.

Saturday was the IMPACT (Innovative. Memoriable. Programming. Activities. for Campus. Togetherness. ( MSU's Program Board)) Reunion. We met for a picnic at the park near the college and had a great time eating tons of food and joking around like old times. Later that evening a few of met to go hit the town like to good ole days! There was drinking, laughing, running in the rain, feeling old in a college town, and dancing galore. I love my IMPACTers, they truly are my second family. I started becoming the woman I am when I was with these people and they love me for all that I am, that is true friendship.

Here are some pictures from our visit thus far:

Introducing: Malia Grace Mackie

Proud parents, my cousin Melissa and her husband Jeff!

IMPACT Reunion

ASA Pledge Class

E has a BABY!

.heart. blue bricks

President and VPs!

Brunch at Rounders!

leaving kato in our dust

Niece Kenzi and I at Minneopa Falls

Minneopa Falls

Dave and Kenz discussing the bobbing 'head'


4th grade Arbor Day tree in my grandma's yard

Niece Emma with Devil Dog their new puggle puppy, Oreo

Hope you had a great weekend!
What are you plans this week?

Check back later this week to see all the people and things we are doing while in MN!

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