October 2, 2011

September: Day by Day

This was my month, how was yours? 

September 30, 2011:
  • Dave picked me up from work again...aaaaaaahhhhhhhh!
  • We shared a sandwich and then headed to the beach. 
  • We then walked to the grocery store to stock up on things for the weekend, it was suppose to rain the whole time!
  • By the time we got back, we both were pooped and crashed.

September 29, 2011:
  • Went out to lunch to Darby Takeaway Burgers...I had the nuggets. I do not like the burgers in Aussie!
  • Finished all of WEEDS season 7, I love snuggling in bed and watching a show that both of us our addicted to!

September 28, 2011:
  • Second day of work!
  • Dave met me after work at the store and picked up a few things with me from Glo-Lo. I loved that he came to pick me up!
  • Started watching Weeds Season 7!

September 27, 2011:
  • Woke up bright and early (for me) for my first day of work! I had to open the store and then work for 5 hours, it wasn't such a shabby first day!
  • Walked home and was more tired than I expected I would be from my day of working!
  • Loved that Dave went grocery shopping and carried TONS of groceries home all by himself. He had so many that a lady drove him two blocks!

September 26, 2011:
  • Woke up early, only because we needed to make check out!
  • Went to Te Papa Museum to kill two hours before heading to the airport.
  • Saw the waiting area filled with supporters of the Tonga rugby team. They were dancing, singing, playing music, it was great!
  • Learned that you have to pay a $25/person departure fee to leave New Zealand...this is stupid and ridiculous!
  • Made our way from Wellington, New Zealand to Newcastle, Australia with no issues!

September 25, 2011:
  • Rainy rainy rainy day
  • Walked the harbor....just can't get over the views!
  • Decided that we should go to the lookout on Mt. Victoria
  • Somehow figured our way up the hill, through cute paths leading to houses that sit on the hillside
  • Thought we were at the lookout...then looked up and we were at the wrong lookout..again we hike.
  • Took in the hazy view to the dreary weather, but feel proud of ourselves for getting there!
  • When going down the hill, we took a different way, through the woods...not a smart idea.
  • When walking down the muddy path we came across a steep hill, I didn't make it down the hill the way I wished to!
  • Walked through the city to the train station and then to the hotel with mud all down my back, front of my legs, and on my arm....people pointed and then laughed.
  • Home to the hotel, the warmth, and then a hot, warm bath

September 24, 2011:
  • Slept in again...ohhh the warm hotel room is lovely!
  • Weather was windy and drizzly...ick!
  • Took the bus into the city...found out that it is actually more expensive than taking the train.
  • Rode the Famous Wellington Cable Car, free from a coupon by a generous Kiwi!
  • Spent the day walking down the hill of the Botanic Gardens, taking lots of photos and chit chatting. 
  • Ate at one of our favorite restaurants, Nandos!
  • Watched rugby on the boob tube in the hotel.

September 23, 2011:
  • Wake up from sleeping like a baby..being exhausted and having the heat on high in the hotel room with do that to you!
  • Found our way to the train station, figured out how to get a ticket (convenience store on the corner) and then made our way into Wellington. 
  • Went to City of Wellington Museum: Hard Heels exhibit was great, the gift shop was amazing!
  • Walked along the Harbor taking the in beautiful views.
  • Visited the Te Papa Museum, where we learned and performed The Haka.
  • Went to the Rugby World Cup Fan Zone: met a man who lived in Wellington but was born in Indiana and then lived in Iowa. 
  • Attended the Rugby World Cup US Eagles vs. Australia Wallabies - Eagles got smashed!
  • Learned how kind Kiwis (New Zealanders) are: 1 couple making sure we get off at the correct spot on the train, one gentleman who apologizes for the loud, drunk Kiwis on the train, and then one woman making sure we knew our way to the hotel before she went her separate way. 

September 22, 2011:
  • Wake up and get the 4:30a.m. train to Sydney International Airport
  • When boarding our plane to Wellington, New Zealand we saw a guy in a Twins sweatshirt. Of course I had to ask if he was from MN, and indeed he was, St. Paul to be exact!
  • Got to Wellington with no issues..and then the bus and walk to our hotel with no issues..yay!
  • Walk round and round for dinner and then find a McDonalds that was only 2 blocks away from our hotel.
  • Watch rugby and fall asleep.

September 21, 2011:
  • Had first job interview
  • Went to library, well hello first season of Mad Men
  • Got first job offer, accepted, and went in to learn many things!
  • Dave cooked an EXCELLENT meal while I packed
  • Watched GLEE (eeeppppp)
  • Stayed awake way to looooong especially since I had to be up at 3:30a.m.
September 20, 2011:
  • Checked out new bookstore in town
  • Prepared for trip to New Zealand!
  • Ate at Lime Gourmet Pizza for first time (really good)
  • Worked out - whooaaa 2 days in a row!
September 19, 2011:
  • Purchased tickets for Dropkick Murphy's Concert in October
  • Ate lunch at Subway and browsed the stores
  • Went for a run by the Wharf and Ocean - felt soooo good!
  • Finished Kabul's Girl Soccer Club
September 18, 2011:
  • Browsed the used books of Cooks Hill Bookstore
  • Did our annual Sunday grocery shopping
September 17, 2011:
  • Dave walked to Woolies to pick us up muffins...soo sweet of him!
  • I cleaned to surprise and thank him for his trip!
  • We ate muffins in bed while watching The Wire ( 4hours total)
  • Finished my 6th book in Australia
  • Ate at the Darby Raj (Indian Food) for first time for supper
September 16, 2011:
  • Ice cream at the Wharf, cake batter with chocolate chip cookie dough!
  • Walked to Nobbys Beach
  • Read on the beach while Dave went swimming. His first time since being stung, I was a proud wife!
  • Walked to The Chemist
September 15, 2011:
  • Day trip to Sydney (no sleeping in this time!). 
  • Walked along the Sydney Harbor Bridge
  • Ate Kangaroo Jerky
  • Discovered Customs House and other little nooks in the city
  • Found a bookstore that had an AMAZING stationary selection

September 14, 2011:
  • Meeting with University of Newcastle Campus Programming!
  • Rode bus for first time by myself.
  • Went to library for more music, books, and dvds
  • Walked along darby street while sipping hot chocolate
September 13, 2011:
  • Slept in...missed the train for Sydney. 
  • Went shopping...got sick.
  • Took nap after being awake for only 4 hours
  • Downloaded and watched The Devil Wears Prada
September 12, 2011:
  • Read Read Read
  • Set up appointment with University of Newcastle
  • Walk to the Park, which is officially now OUR PARK
  • Finished Devil Wears Prada
September 11, 2011:
  • Grocery Store (duh!) and stop at Big W
  • Read newspaper at coffee shop over a cup of hot chocolate
  • Began newly purchased Justin Beiber puzzle
  • Stayed up to watch 9/11 coverage from the states. We lit our candle in memory of all those lose that day. 
September 10, 2011:
  • Went to Save the Fig rally at Civic Park and listened to bands, felt great to be part of the community
  • Ate fried Mars Bar with ice cream
  • Watched Taking Woodstock and 3 episodes for the wire
September 9, 2011:
  • Went to University of Newcastle and volunteered at Cultural Awakening Event
  • Watched Family Ties!!
  • Napped
  • Made burgers while Dave went to the local take away for the chips!
  • Remembered a great man that was lost one year ago
September 8, 2011:
  • Photo shoot for Dave's blog
  • Market town to do a little shopping
  • Ate my favorite vegetable samosas!
  • Sent postcards to the grandparents
September 7, 2011:
  • Spent the day relaxing at the coffee house and local park reading and drinking hot chocolate!
September 6, 2011:
  • Took train into Sydney ( i love going to Sydney!).
  • Ate at the famous Cafe Harry's and had Australia cuisine: Sausage Roll and Meat Pie
  • Spent a few hours at the lovely Chinese Garden
  • Walked to Darling Harbor
  • Went to Hyde Park...oh my...it is soooo beautiful! We are going back again..no doubts!
  • Saw Anzac Memorial for WWI and WWII
  • finished my third book since being in Australia, Forty Rules of Love. It was sooo good!
September 5, 2011:
  • Did Bathers Way walk from Newcastle Beach to Bar Beach
  • Saw one rat and two slimy things (I screamed and ran each time so I don't know it was a lizard or snake...I didn't want to be around and find out).
  • Sat and discussed the future of the world in the sand
  • Beat Dave at SCRABBLE...yet again!
September 4, 2011:
  • Boring day filled with grocery shopping, laundry, and reading
September 3, 2011:
  • Explored Newcastle Beach and climbed on the rocks
  • Dipped my foot into the ocean for the first time (no jellyfish for me!)
September 2, 2011:
  • Went to Nelson Bay via the bus
  • Whale Watching with no whales, just big a$$ waves!
  • Sandboarding in Anna Bay - sledding down sand dunes..what a blast!
  • Hot Chocolate for the walk home from bus stop
September 1, 2011:
  • Official first day of spring
  • Library Lovin': got tons of books from library, spent 2 hours there!
  • Hot Chocolate and cupcake (duh!)

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