December 30, 2011

.Updated Reading List.

It's been almost 2 months since I last updated you on what my little eyes have been reading. I would like to still think I am a lean mean reading machine, but I slowed down my reading in Dec. But I am happy to report that I have picked it up again and once more will become a lean mean reading machine!

Here are the books I have read in the last 2 months:

New Moon, Eclipse, Breaking Dawn: Stephenie Meyer: Oh my! I really didn't think I would get so sucked into these books. But man, they were good! After I finished reading the books I re-watched all of the movies and then got my little but to the movie theatre to see Breaking Dawn! I still cannot believe that I have entered the dark side!

Fight Club: Chuck Palahniuk: This was my first Palahniuk book ever! I know a few people who really love his stuff, so I thought I would give it a try. It was good book, easy to read, plus I kept hearing Brad Pitts voice while reading it because I was thinking of the movie. It's very cleverly done and if you haven't seen the movie you don't see the ending coming. 

Off the Beaten Track: Traveller's Anthology: Laura Stoddart - Cute little book filled with traveling quotes. The artwork is so pretty and dainty, it was a must have. I even bough another book by her because of how cute it was!

Promises to Keep: Jane Green: I loved this book! The only reason I picked it up to read was because we sell it at our bookstore and I wanted to be able to recommend books we have there! It was sooo good, a quick, easy read. It gets to the heart of family, surviving the toughest of times, and finding hope and love through it all. Please read this! We have sold all of our copies in the store because I keep recommending it to people!! 

On Chesil Beach: Ian McEwan: This is the first book I have read by McEwan and it made me want to read more of him! The way he is able to give detail and make you feel exactly what the characters are feeling is amazing. This was a small, little book about a couple on their wedding night, as well as their relationship before and after. 

10 Best Days of my life: Adena Halpern: I read this book so you do not have to. It was stupid, I do not recommend it. I started it on the train and since I was half way done by the time we reached our destination I just wanted to finish it. The book had a lot of editing errors, someone even made a few edits in pencil to the book from the library! The story revolves around a 29yr. old who is in the highest degree of heaven and will be demoted to a lower degree of heaven if she does not show that she was going to do something with her life and she has to write an essay about the 10 best days of her life.   Again, it's not worth your time reading!

* I guess it's going to be a movie.....wait to watch the movie *

The Life & Times of Thunderbolt Kid: Bill Bryson: I LOVE Bill Bryson!!! He is such a great writer, I love his style so much. He is easy to read, funny, and puts you in his stories with such an ease. This is his autobiography about growing up in Des Moines, IA during the 1950s.  He talks about the town, childhood innocence and shenanigans, and how it really was a great period of time to be a kid. I recommend this book to anyone and everyone! Plus it's even better if you probably grew up in that era in a smaller city in the midwest!!

Chocolat: Joanne Harris: I read one of her books when I first got to Australia and loved it. It made me want to read more of her, so of course I went to the op shop and found Chocolat! What a fun little book about chocolate, friendship, and being yourself no matter what. I just finished it not long ago and want so desperately to watch the movie now! Hello, it has Johnny Depp in it...and I just can't wait to find out what character he plays! I think its Roux, but I'm not sure...eeepp!!! Please read this book!


In the last 5 months while living in Australia I have read 27 books!!! I have no idea how many books I read before we headed down here (my list is in the states) but I don't think it was near that many!!! 

Maybe in 2012 I will read 50 books...wanna join me?


  1. Tommy said the girl with the dragon tattoo series are good. That's what I want to read next. Oh and the Help. Miss you Sho much!

  2. Victoria! I have read all of those books and recommend every single one of them! Start with The Help because once you start with the first Dragon book you won't want to stop until you have read them all!! And then after you read the books watch the Swedish versions of the movies...SOOOOOO good! MISS YOU TOO!!!