April 5, 2012

.ave to my shoave.

Man...I am missing this guy, right here!! 

Dave has been gone visiting his grandma in New Jersey the past week and it's been rough without him. He even drove there, which makes me more nervous on driving days...I'm kind of freak about driving. Dave and I haven't been apart for the last 8 months, the last time was when he drove from Vermont to Minnesota before we went to Australia. 

Since grandma goes to bed at old people time, Dave and I spend our nights texting away! It reminds me of when we first started dating. We would just text back and forth for HOURS...it was our main source of communication in the day! I swear my roommates got sick of hearing my ring tone, " Dance Dance" by Fall Out Boy. I think I ruined that song for everyone in the townhouse...oh love sometimes it affects everyone!

So now I am counting down the days and hours until his cute little booty is back in MInneapolis! 
Without -ave their is no SHOAVE! 

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