April 6, 2012

.Five (Random) Things Friday.

Guess what!! I have the next 4 days off!!! AHHHHH!!!!

1. Dave and I started a tradition last year for Easter and I'm looking forward to continuing it again this year! For our Easter Dinner we got for Chinese Food instead of making the typical Easter Ham and fixings! 

2. Have you heard of these, the Google Glasses? I'm not sure how I feel about them..do we need to have the internet in our face all the time? I could just be old fashioned, what do you think?

3. Dave is finally home!! He actually arrived home at almost the exact same time I got home from my run...it was perfect timing! This kid and I are totally made for each other...no lie!

4. Today is my first pay day from my job, where I wore this outfit for the interview! It feels good to get a paycheck..even if it will be really really really small!

5. A co-worker asked me if I was the guy in 127 hours ( have you seen the movie? He gets stuck between rocks, breaks his arm, and then saws off his arm with a swiss army knife in order to survive) would I do what the guy did.  My answer...NO, I would take a nap and hope someone came for me.  This is basically my answer for if anything bad happens...I will take a nap and hopefully sleep it off!  What would you do?

Hope ya have an EPIC Friday!
*I said it...EPIC*

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