April 26, 2012

.the little things.

Last week, I came home from work to find this on our guest bedroom door. 
Not sure what was going on I said hello through the door and 
went out for a run while the work continued in the little room. 

Dave was working on a little something to show me how much he loves me. 
*insert: AHHHHHHHHHHHH here*
He came up with the ABC's to why he loves me!
He isn't crafty but he tried and worked so hard on this project. 
He colored wooden alphabet pieces, glued them to the board, 
and then came up with something for each letter of the alphabet!

He then presented it to me by reading each of the things he wrote
and explaining them in more detail. 

My favorites: 
when he made up words to fit certain letters,
E: enemies - he wouldn't want to be mine, 
Z: Zac Efron...nothing more needed!

.He makes me feel like a lucky woman....a VERY lucky woman. 
.I love the -ave to our shoave. 


  1. ohhhh shoave, I hope I can be as happy as you one day :)

    1. Don't worry you will be...I just know it!