April 27, 2012

.Five (Random) Things Friday.


This week, I am SOOOO excited that it's Friday! I have the weekend off (yay!) and it's my first day off in over 2 weeks......have I mentioned yet how excited I am for this!!! Our plans are to run a 5k in Mankato and then head off to Brandon, South Dakota to see a great friend and her 1 year old!

1) The only good things about the movie The Lucky One was Zac Efron riding a tractor and Zac Efron walking a bulldog and of course seeing lots of Zac Efron. Other than that, it was pretty bad. 

2) Last night I dreamed I was pregnant...lets just cross our fingers everyone that this will not be a reality for some time from now! Do you are have these dreams? Hmm.....I wonder what they mean? 

3) Working with a sick kid, sick co-workers, and running a 10k in the cold have FINALLY caught up with me and I'm feeling a little sick. I cross my fingers that I don't have to cancel my plans for the weekend. That would be the worst bummer....looking forward to a weekend off and then staying home!

4) Sometimes the best way to escape a long, crazy day is to take your dinner plate outside, eat at a picnic table, and enjoy good conversation and the sun on your face. 

5) On Saturday I'm a running the Girls on the Run 5K . This is SUUUUUCHHHH a great cause, it encourages pre-teen  girls to learn self respect, gain confidence, and teach them about having a healthy lifestyle through running. This will be the first race that my family will also be involved in: my sister is walking, my niece is running the Kids K, and my little cousin (who is in the program) will be their running too. I'm excited to do this with ones that I love!!! 

What are your plans this weekend?

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