April 28, 2012

.running flashback.

This is me after my first 5k, the AidsWalk in DC, in 2009. 

Thinking back on that run, I laugh at how silly I was and how far I have come. 
Right after crosses the finish line, I grabbed Dave feeling like I was going to collapse. 
When we got home, we ate HUGE burritos 
(thinking we HAD to refuel our bodies after SUCH a long run)
and then slept the rest of the day....
cause you know we RAN three miles! 
Our time that race was: 38min. 

Now 3 miles is a short run for us, 
no naps are needed after, 
and I don't feel like I have collapse. 
This 5k my goal is to run it in 30min!!

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