May 2, 2012

.30 before 30: Juicy Lucy.

Last night I finished one of my 30 before 30 items (#30 to be exact)! My pals and I went out to a small restaurant, Buffalo Tap, and indulged in some cheese curds and Juicy Lucys.  What is a Juicy Lucy? It's a burger that has cheese inside the burger, and then you choose the toppings you want on top! Yep, the cheese is placed INSIDE the burger and then when it cooks it melts  and turns to yummy cheese goodness!

There is even a special way to eat the burger so you don't harm yourself or others! You have to take little bites at first so to let the pressure out from inside the burger. If you don't do this...then BAM hot melted cheese has just hit you in the eye or across the table into your friends eye! 

Look at that melted cheese oooozzing out of the burger!! YUUUUUMMMM!!

The burger was HUGE, sadly I did almost eat all of it! EEEPPPP! Man, if that waitress would just have picked up our dishes when I had half left, I would have felt much better after! Where we ate the burgers isn't the birth place of these famous burgers in MN, just known for them.  My goal is now eat a Juicy Lucy at the birth place, which was featured on an episode of Man vs. Food on the Travel Channel!

Any foods you are wanting to try?

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  1. Go to the Blue Door Pub- best Lucys ever, and right by my apt! They even have a burger of the month sort of thing.