May 3, 2012

.April Books.

This was a GR-EAT month for reading!! I am really excited about all the books that I finished and get to share with you!

Mockingjay: Suzanne Collins : This is the third and final book of the Hunger Games. I did sneak ahead and read the epilogue first...ooops! I love knowing whats going to happen before it happens, its a downfall of mine. Collins did a great job with this book, she completed the whole series very well, you don't walk away with more questions, it is all wrapped up in a bow for you. Plus I will always love Katniss!
Meet Josefina: Valerie Tripp: This is an American Girl book introducing the character of Josefina. (hmmm..I wonder where I worked for a few weeks) I never read any of the American Girl books while growing up and was surprised how good the books are! I loved reading about Josefina and learning more about history. I now have handed my book down to my niece to read!


The Book Thief: Markus Zusak: I heard about this book for a long time ( I even heard about it in Australia) and finally read it. The book follows a foster girl in Nazi Germany during WWII, we follow her book stealing, spending time with her best friend, her lovely foster dad, and her new friend, Max, the Jew who now lives in the basement. This book has been said to be a life changer and tons of people love, I'm just not one of those people. I didn't like the style it was written in or the narrative by the soul collector.

We Are All Equally Far From Love: Adania Shibli: I had high hopes for this book based on the summary written on the back. However, I was disappointed with the book and was happy it was a short one! The book consisted of shorter stories dealing with love, the lost of love, etc. I wished that the author would have connected the stories together better, each one felt far from the other and didn't relate. 
Little Princes: Conor Grennan: OHHHHHHHH... I LOVED this book! I spotted this book way back before we were leaving for Australia in the bookstore and have been waiting to read it! Ever since spending a week in Kathmandu I have been interested in learning more about Nepal and it's culture. Grennan was a 29 year old who quit his job to travel around the world, his first stop to volunteer at the orphanage Little Princes for three months. He fell in love with the children at the house and discovered that the children weren't orphans but have been victims of human trafficking. Grennan continues to travel around the world and returns back to Little Prince for another volunteering stint. This time everything changes. After his second stint he decides to travel and find the parents of the "orphans" and let them know what has happened to their children as well as open up his own safe house.  This is a heart warming, loving story that makes you want to go out and do good in this world.  I HIGHLY recommend it!!!!!


Warrior of the Light: A Manual: Paulo Coelho: Who doesn't love Paulo Coelho? He is just pure amazing, he always fills my heart while also challenging it. This is a manual filled with inspiring notes on following your destiny, loving life, and learning from all situations. This is definitely going to be one that is read and re-read throughout my life. 
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  1. Good books, especially the Little Princes =). I did like the third Hunger Games book, but I admit, I was a little bit let down. Wasn't *quite* as gripping as the first two, though it was still excellent.