July 4, 2012

.happy 4th.

Every 4th of July when I was a little kid my mom packed my sisters up into the car and we headed to Valleyfair, the only amusement park in MN. My first ride every year was to ride the ride the Merry Go Round, even when I was older I would head there out of tradition sake. We spent the blistering hot day riding rides, eating in the parking lot, splashing in the water park, and waiting for the fireworks. 

During the fireworks (and laser display) my favorite song was "Proud To Be An American" by Lee Greenwood. I would sing along and cheer when they mention the lakes of Minnesota, like any good little Minnesotan would do. Back then 4th of July was all about family, fun, and eating delicious cotton candy, fries, and funnel cake. Now as I have gotten older, I am able to appreciate and understand this wonderful holiday. I still watch fireworks and hang out with friends, but I now make sure I take time to think about all the people who have fought and laid their lives down for this country. How without their dedication, love, and pride in this country we could not be where we are today. 

.Enjoy the fireworks.  .Be Safe.  .Hydrate.
.Remember Our History. 

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