July 5, 2012

.shoave...this is going to be mushy gushy.

Holy Cow!! Every year seems to just fly by, I can't believe that today Dave and I have been married for four years!(here is what we did our first three years) WHAT!?!? How did this happen? Being in any committed relationship (married or not) takes work, you have your good and your bad times. It's just how it is but it doesn't mean you love the person to your side any less! A relationship is all about accepting the others annoying habits, working through issues, supporting each other, laughing at inside jokes, and knowing what the other is thinking with just one look.

Our 3 year portrait (gansta style)

This last year has been one like no other..it's been kinda perfect. Dave and I have spent more time with each other this one year than probably any other period of time. We both quit our jobs to move to Australia and then when in Australia both of us only worked part time. Until a few months ago it was always just the two of us....literally. Every day we hung out together, either running errands,sitting at the beach, or going on adventures. And when we started to work in Australia we always had Thursday Date Nights because you know those 20 hours each week we didn't see each other were a long 20 hours!

.Visting Sydney for the first time.
.Great Ocean Road in Victoria.

I am so grateful to him for letting me talk him into moving across the world to have an adventure of a lifetime!! It's one of the things I love deeply about this man is that he wants to enjoy life to the fullest as much as I do and is willing to take risks with me. This year has been full adventures and the unknown, which we wouldn't have been able to do alone, we could only handle them together. He is there to push me forward, to calm me down, and to just plain out tell me when I am crazy. 


.Valentines Day.

Now that we are back in the states, both working full time jobs, I find myself missing all the time we had together. We still see each other every night and probably more than other couples see each other, but it's not the same. I could spend every single day just hanging out with this kid and I miss being able to do so. Not everyone has the luck that we have, to randomly spot your other half in a bar when intoxicated! 

I hope that everyone has the ability to be with the one that balances them, that supports them, drives them crazy, kisses their forehead, holds their hand at movies, says "I love you" daily, accepts their oddities and weirdness, and willing to take on the world as a team. When you have this you have everything you need. 

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