August 16, 2012

.July Books.

I am FINNNNAAALLLYYYYY getting around to posting this! Usually the first day of the following month I post what  books I read the month before, but as you know...I'm lazy! So here are the books that I read in July:

New Owners Guide to Bulldogs: Hank and Carol Williams  This is an older book on bulldogs and caring for them that I borrowed from our store. It was filled with information on the history of the bulldog (bull baiters), things to know before you decide you want a bully, care tips, training tips, etc. It was a good book and a quick read. I read it in about two days so we could really know 100% that a bulldog was for us.  Not long after finishing the book we got the call that we were able to adopt our own English bulldog! Good thing I was prepared due to the book!

The Weird Sisters: Eleanor Brown  This book has been popular at the bookstore, it seems to be on everyone's book club list! I adored this book and waited patiently for my turn to come on the library waiting list ( I was #245 on the list). The story is about three sisters that come home during a period of time that their mothers is sick. They all come home for different reasons however and try to work on their personal issues while keeping them secrets. The story is about family, independence, growing up, and learning who you are. Plus the family always is reading and how doesn't love a book about people who love to read?

The Virgin Suicides: Jeffery Eugenides  I have needed/wanted to read this book for years. I used to have the movie and Dave has the it was basically the last thing to complete the trifecta. The book is about the mysterious and eccentric Lisbon sisters, whom a handful of boys on the block are obsessed with. Over the time of a year the boys watch as one by one the LIsbon sisters commit suicide trying to put all the pieces together.  This was Eugenides first novel and he does it beautifully. You become transfixed by the characters and find yourself searching for answers along with the boys. 

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