August 14, 2012

.bulldog crazy.

Since Maggie's arrival it seems that all else has ceased to exist in the Roberts household. I swear the only pictures I have taken in the last month have all been related to Maggie...and she is almost always sleeping in them. I just love a sleeping bulldog. any other proud Momma I have to share with you some of the cuteness that I am blessed with everyday!

We thought she looked like E.T. after her bath 

I LOOOVEEEE seeing these two sleep on the couch together 

THAT face is always are goal, we live to see her smile 

this was not staged...which makes it even more precious!!

Maggie can be a handful, she is a pretty easy going dog, but is high maintenance.  Due to her background she has some health, social, and learning disabilities. It takes her a little longer to learn things, to trust people/dogs, and needs lots of cleaning and care. But we think she is perfect, she is the dog we were meant to have and waited years for. We are the concerned parents that feel like crying when a loud truck scares her, calms her when she has nightmares, and lets her jump into bed with us at night so she doesn't feel alone. In the short month we have had her I think our hearts have grown and now we can't imagine not having a little dog/something to care for.

It always melts my heart when I see Maggie and Dave falling asleep or sleeping at the same time. These are two creatures that have won my heart and who I will love forever...even when they are pains! As I look over my shoulder, one is asleep on the couch and the other has taken position within paws reach on the floor.  My heart smiles and I feel happy to be right where I am.

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