August 10, 2012

.that big thing that happened a year ago.

Last night when babysitting I shared a few pictures and videos of koalas and kangaroos with the three year old before bed time. She loved looking at all the pictures and asking lots of questions. It reminded me that we arrived in Australia just a little bit over 1 year ago!

When we left the states we were nervous and had no idea what we really got ourselves into. We only had a hotel room, one suitcase each, and hopes that we could figure it all out after a few days in Newcastle.  It took us about a week, but we figured it all out and made a little life for us in the six months we were there.

I wanted to share with you a few pictures of our time in Australia. These are the pictures that keep drawing me back to the country and questioning if I could live there forever.

 Newcastle, NSW
 Queens Tower, Newcastle, NSW
Newcastle Beach, NSW
Koala, NSW
 Sydney Opera House, Sydney, NSW
Sydney Harbor Bridge, Sydney, NSW
WhitSundays, QLD
Three Sister, Blue Mountains, NSW

12 Apostles, Victoria

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