November 8, 2012

.WIW: grandma style.

A while back we joined our friend for a tour of Schell's Brewery located in Southern Minnesota. I had recently purchased a new pair of pants and was eager to wear them out and about. When I was in line to get tickets for a tour, ahead of me was a gaggle of older woman dressed as grandma's do.  I looked down at my outfit and it hit me, I do look pretty cute BUT I also kinda look like a grandma!

SOOOOO Here is my take on grandma style with a hip twist:

.the details.
shirt: TJMAXX // cardigan: Old Navy
pants: TJMAXX // shoes: Target
necklace & brooch: Forever 21

I'm not going to lie, I am in love with this outfit! I love the color of the pants, I think they are bright, fun, and a little out there. Oh the shoes...oh the shoes...they are perfect and go soooo well with green. It took awhile for me to break them in, but now they feel great on my feet.
Even though I think this an outfit my grandma would have rocked, I will still rock this outfit when I get a chance. I even recently wore it to an interview meet and greet at a bar for LivingSocial. I think it shows the perfect combination of fun, trendy, and a little professional.

I wasn't sure if you could see the line on the pants in the front,  I think it's a fun little touch!

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