December 6, 2012

.diy christmas tree.

 Over the last year a lot of things have changed for Dave and I. One of the biggest changes for us is not having one of us working on salary, bringing home the bacon. We now both work lower end wage jobs, therefore we don't have the income we once did before moving to Australia. Since we are now in a different financial range we are making lots of changes. One of these changes is how we approach the holiday season. My goal is to make almost all my gifts and holiday decorations. 

This year I took a whole different approach to a Christmas tree. Since we live in an apartment and don't have much space to store a tree, I decided to make one.  

It's not big or grand but it does bring the Christmas tree shape and spirit! What I did was take some gift tags, write the dates of the December on them, add some rope from another craft project, and tape them up! really is that easy!!

I also wrote on the back of each tag something that Dave and I can do to help us reconnect or get into the holiday spirit. We have really enjoyed doing the items on the back of the tags, they have relaxed us a lot during a crazy time of the year. 

Some of the things we have done so far this month is: listen to Christmas music, turn off the tv and read a book, play a fun game, drink yummy hot chocolate, and make a meal together. I always look forward to turning over the next card to see what we have in store for the next two days! 

Our tree may be unconventional, but it is great for us. Not only do we have our spot to put presents under the Christmas tree  but it also makes sure that we are stay connected and relaxed as a family unit. It's easy to lose track of what Christmas means with the fast pace of shopping, parties, and baking. The daily reminders and activities we do help us cherish our time together and reflect on what the holiday season means to us. 

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