September 20, 2013

.8 yr. old lady.

Maggie, our english-bulldog, turned 8 this month!!! This is our second birthday with her and of course we spoiled her again this year! We both have fallen head over heels in love with this little doggie and feel blessed to have her in our lives.

Maggie spent the day laying in bed with me, since I was sick and didn't go into work. She was one lucky dog, because sleeping in the bed in one of her favorite things to do!

Once Dave got home, the celebrations began. I cooked Maggie a special supper of summer sausage (last year she had chicken) and it was served while we sang "Happy Birthday". For dessert Maggie got a special birthday dog treat with frosting and sprinkles to boot! She devoured her food within seconds! And of course all of this was done while sporting a birthday princess hat!

.she always eats her treats in the living room...and is always messy. 

And what is a birthday without family birthday pictures...nothing! So here are our annual birthday pictures! Maggie, we are soooo happy to have you in our family! We couldn't have rescued a better dog that fills our hearts the way we do and we look forward to spending all the rest of your years with you!  

Here is to our old lady who moans when we try to wake her, farts in her sleep, drools, snores loudly, and couldn't care what is happening in the world.  We love ya and can't wait to continue to spoil you rotten!!

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