September 18, 2013


If you don't like boy bands,  then this is not the post for you. Because I am about to go all girl crazy about Hanson and you may even hear my 7th grade self scream over your  computer screen, so turning down the volume is recommended!  Now, let's talk about Hanson, shall we?  Back in 1996 (my 7th grade year) Hanson released their major debut record, Middle of Nowhere, which had their HUGE single, MMMBOP, on it.  I'm just going to say this now, but Middle of Nowhere is an AMAZING album.  I still listen to it as an adult and love every song AND I think they should re-record it as would be SOOOOO good!!

Since their first release, girls have been crooning over the boys and picking their favorite brother. Lots of girls were Taylor fans, some were Zac fans, and a few were Isaac fans. (let's just say though...Isaac is now a hottie!) Me, I was and still am a Zac girl!! I remember talking about Hanson with friends about how cute the boys were, what our futures would be like when we married one of them, and how we would love to go on tour with them...making all the other girls jealous of our love! 

I can't say I'm a crazy Hanson fan, like some, since I stopped listen to them for a few albums. I have been back on the bandwagon though since 2004, when they released Underneath. Every album they have released over the years is better and better. They continue growing with their sound, writing, and always meeting their fans expectations. I have seen them a few times before (or every time they are in the area) and always I am blown away.  This summer they played for FREE at the Minnesota State Fair...for FREE...yeah, FREE!!! 

I couldn't pass up seeing my boys for free two nights in a naturally me and my other crazy friends headed to the state fair.  The best part of the nights was getting to be FRONT ROW for HANSON!!! AHHHHHHHHHH...yes the 7th grade girl went freaking crazy!!! I was singing at the top of my lungs, screaming like I was a teenager, and dancing my booty off! 

Seriously, I couldn't have been closer...since I had my water bottle on the stage! AAHHHHH!!!!  Can I tell you guys, those boys grew up to be beautiful men!! Men that are all married and with children..but let's not get lost in the details, shall we!?!? The sad part though of liking the drummer, is that you rarely ever get to see him (insert sad face). 

At the end of the first night I had touched a few of the Hanson brothers...and couldn't think it could get better than that! Then the second night, I touched ALL Hanson brothers hands and was satisfied with my outings!  BUTTTT...not my friend, if she had the chance to meet Taylor Hanson, she was going to take it. So like youngsters we waited outside their bus for the opportunity to see or meet them.  And can I say.....I would do it all over again!!! Cause not only now have I touched Hanson...I have now MET HANSON!

See...just look at how handsome they are! Okay, girls these are not the little boys that you remember from Middle of Nowhere, they are now men. Men who play great music, who are nerds about music, and who love their fans. My recommendation is you check out a few of their albums (my favorite is SHOUT IT OUT) and see for yourself. 

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  1. Seriously, Taylor was my fav growing up, but now Isaac and Zac are way hot! *swoon*