March 14, 2014

.5 goods things this week.

1. Girls on the Run PDX started this week!!! This is my third season coaching and the first time in Portland. I'm super excited to get to know the girls better and get to running! This week we got to know everyone on our team and how to plug into the positive Girls on the Run plug!

2. This RV is now mine and I have MAJOR plans for it!! Making such a big purchase and moving forward with my dream makes me excited and want to throw up all at the same time! I don't like not knowing what I'm doing and this is all that waits ahead of me! 

3. Housewives of New York City is back!!!! YEEEEEESSSSSS!!!!!!! I love these crazy, loud, rude, entitled, dramatic (I could go on) ladies. I think it's because I don't have drama in my life (don't want it either) but I love watching it on tv. I'm such a sucker for trashy reality tv...I can't help it. How can someone not love Ramona 'Crazy Eyes' Singer? 

4. People doing amazing things for abandoned puppies - melts my heart and makes me cry. Have you read this story yet, about the dog someone thought was a pile of trash? Thankfully, they took a closer look and discovered it was a dog and then changed the dogs life forever. It was an amazing transformation from heavy, matted furball to a handsome prince. 

5. I got a job (part time) with this amazing non-profit!! I am sooo excited to go and start work on Monday! The Friends of the Library works to raise funds so that the library never has to worry about it's budget getting cut by the government. I LOVE the library and now I get to help support it while getting paid...amazing!!

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