March 17, 2014

WIW: making a big decision

Last week I took a big gamble, risk, jump, leap...all those words you use when you make a decision that is scary and uncertain.  I did it, I made one that will move my dreams to being closer to reality. It happened all of a sudden...i woke up made a few phone calls and within 2 hours, BAAMMMM, leap taken!! So what does one wear on such an occasion? Whatever they threw on that morning...and this is that outfit.

I woke up with no plans for the day but to sit at my desk and do work on the computer. Therefore, I wanted something that was comfortable but not be in my sweats. Cause let's face it..its SOOO easy to wear pjs and sweatpants when you don't plan on leaving the apartment! The great thing is that these pants are basically dressy sweatpants....I LOVE THEM!!  When we drove out west I swear I wore them everyday!! 

OH, can we talk about this shirt for a second! I honestly believe it was made with me in mind, it's such a pretty skull! I love the gold tinted butterflies flying around and out of it, such a hauntingly beautiful shirt. Remember last time I told you I loved hard and soft, I wasn't lying to ya!

.jumping for joy / celebrating. 

.studded tennis shoes.
.need I say more?.

.the details.
shirt :: ASOS
cardigan :: Target
pants :: Lane Bryant
shoes :: Target

Also, my photographer wanted me to share these photos with you:

He is great at helping me capture my outfits until I get a tripod and timer!

Thank you, you crazy man, you!

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