March 18, 2014

.Oregon Coast - Part 1.

GUESS WHAT!  If you didn't know, Dave and I moved to Portland, Oregon!!! Yep, we packed up our place in Minneapolis at the end of December and drove out west. Can I just tell you something, between you and me, I freakin LOVE it here! Don't worry, I will be sharing with you all of our adventure and exploring our new city.

Before we landed in Portland, we spent our holiday on the Oregon Coast, exploring while we waited for our apartment to be available. We haven't been to the ocean since living in Australia, we were LOOOONNNGGG overdue. If it wasn't December Dave and I would have ran into the ocean to give it a kiss, hello!  We spent the next day and half driving north up the coast, pulling over to look at the wonderful views, and enjoying the peace that the ocean has to offer you.

. We arrived in Lincoln City, OR just in time to watch the sunset on the beach on Christmas Eve. 

.Neskowin Beach, Oregon.

This was our first stop on Christmas morning, we randomly pulled over and found this beautiful spot. What was so interesting about this location was the "river" of water that lead from the ocean into the bank. Also if you can see in the bottom picture, the ocean water rushed around the rock formation creating a river and met up with the ocean again on the other side. There were small currents and you could see the erosion from where the sand once measured. We walked around the area for a while, getting closer looks at the landscape, watching dogs and their owners play fetch, and dreaming about owning one of the houses with a view. It was a great first stop on our day full of adventure. 

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