March 8, 2014

WIW: Channeling HANSON

Yep, you read it correct, HANSON. So what does HANSON have to do with this outfit, you may be asking yourself. The answer is, EVERYTHING! Without HANSON, I wouldn't have picked up this sweatshirt, without this sweatshirt I wouldn't have this outfit.  If you didn't know HANSON has a song, GIVE A LITTLE,  which will explain everything!! (p.s. you can find the video at the bottom of the post..heck yes!!!)

Should I tell you something else about this outfit? It could also be called the Old Navy and Target outfit! Yep, everything that you see was purchased from those two stores and a majority of it on clearance. I am a clearance queen, I go to those racks first before looking anywhere else. I also like to scan the 30% racks at Target so I know what I want to keep my eyes on when things it marked down to 50%! 

I LOOOOOVVEEEE these shoes, but really don't wear them much. They tend to be comfortable in the beginning and then eat up your heels half way through the day. Once I take them off, they usually remain off! And these pants, my absolute favorite pants from Old Navy. I actually had to throw them away the other day because I wore them to much and they got an unpleasant hole in and unpleasant area (you ALL know what I'm saying!). 

.what am I doing here?!?!? . 
.I just had to share so you can have a good chuckle with me.

.the details.
sweatshirt: Old Navy
chambray shirt: Old Navy
jeans: Old Navy skinny
shoes: Target
necklace: Target

and now here is the HANSON video I promised you:

didn't those HANSON boys grow up to be soo handsome?

If you didn't know, I love them and you can read about
my HANSON experience this!

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