April 2, 2014

.Oregon Coast - Part 2.

Please enjoy some more photos of our quick trip to the Oregon Coast in December! I honestly can't wait to go and take all my friends who visit me to the coast. Coming from a land lock state that is filled with over 10,000 lakes, it still has nothing like the ocean (even though Lake Superior comes pretty close). I will always hear the ocean call my name and am happy to answer the call from time to time. 
(PSSSTTTTTTT....you can view Part 1, first..if you want..or after..whichever)

.when you see a turn off with a great view, you HAVE to pull over and 
place your bulldog in front of the view for a picture!! It's a MUST!!!.

.Pacific City, Oregon. 

This little gem was hidden off the main road. When driving down the highway we saw a scenic highway sign and took a sudden turn without thinking. The road lead us to a very small town, we turned down some really small roads and landed in this beautiful spot. We climbed a sandy hill, ran through the tall grass, and enjoyed the view that we had all to ourselves. 

.Rockaway Beach, Oregon. 

.Hug Point. 
(yes, we did hug...of course)

.Cannon Beach, Oregon. 

Have you seen The Goonies ( Hey you guuyyyyysssssss!!!!)? Well, if you have then you have seen Cannon Beach and you would love it as much as you love the movie!!! I truly wish we would have arrived earlier and spent more time at Cannon Beach, but I guess making it in time for the sunset is just as wonderful! Dave and I first pulled into a viewing spot, got out, pulled the end scene of The Goonies up on our iphones....and then realized we were on the wrong side of the rock! So into the car we went to try and get on the correct side because I HAD to see it just like in the movie. I don't know why I had to but I just did! 

Most of our stops along the coast, Dave and I had to ourselves. It was so peaceful, beautiful, and relaxing to take little breaks staring out into the ocean. The only spots we encountered a lot of other tourists were Hug Point and Cannon Beach.  Even though they had lots of tourists, I would go back to both places to explore more. The coast is only 1 hour 30 min. away from Portland, so if you are in the area make sure you take a day to explore! I know we will be making many trips this summer, answering those calls of the ocean whenever them ring us come!

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